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Act 98 Project

With the passage of Act 98 in 2013, the General Assembly approved the allocation of $50 million dollars per year from the South Carolina Department of Transportation to the Bank to finance bridge replacements, and rehabilitation projects, and expansion and improvement projects for existing mainline interstates. The Bank Board reviewed lists of interstate widening and improvement projects formulated by SCDOT. In December of 2013, the Joint Bond Review Committee approved implementation of financial assistance approved by the Bank Board under Act 98 not to exceed $549,402,000 and the issuance of up to $500 million in Act 98 revenue bonds for the following projects:

  • Greenville County – I-85/385 Interchange

  • Lexington County – I-20 Widening

  • Spartanburg & Cherokee Counties – I-85 Widening

  • Richland County – I-77 Widening

  • Richland & Lexington Counties – I-26/I-20 Interchange Preliminary Engineering

  • Cherokee County – Phase III of I-85 Widening Preliminary Engineering

The General Assembly passed Act 40 in 2017 which repealed Act 98. The result is SCDOT will take over the total funding of Act 98 projects once the last $50 million dollar payment (September 2018) is exhausted.  Active projects including the Act 98 projects can be found on SCDOT's website-